Charity Archives in the 21st Century

The archives of charities in the UK hold unique and some of the most significant documents in British history, but they are under threat.

With pressure on charities to fulfil their charitable purpose in the most efficient manner possible, many lack sufficient       resources to fund their archives to the extent they might like. Some charity archives are even under the threat of disposal and destruction; proposals which have been enacted upon many collections over the years.

A new report compiled by Royal Voluntary Service archivist Matthew McMurray brings together quantitative data on charity archives and their collections, along with qualitative opinion of those who care for, own and use charity archives. This report explores the state of UK’s charity archives and provides    insightful evidence around the challenges faced by the charity archives sector.                         Recommendations that follow the conclusion exemplifies just some of the most effective ways in which all those concerned could help preserve and develop charity archives for the future.